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Location of wagons and containers

Fast, convenient, complete information

Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Moldova, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Georgia

Location of wagons and containers

  • Tracking wagons and containers in 16 countries
  • More than 40 data types available
  • Data comes quickly: up to 5 minutes
  • Lots of tracking types at competitive prices
  • Information updates up to 1 time per hour
  • Tracking
  • Inquiries

Inquiries of wagons technical condition

The most demanded inquires

About inquiries

  • 8 types of inquiries (021, 2651, 2612, 2653, 2654, 2730, 2731 + border crossing)
  • The ability to request many inquiries at once
  • Export in the familiar and convenient format
  • Recieving information within 5 minutes

СТМ customers


All operations during the day
Tracking along the whole route
Continuous tracking during the month
Dislocation within 10 minutes
Technical information about the wagon

For railway logistics professionals

1. Various integration possibilities
Work in the familiar system
2. Informative
All information in one place
3. Reliability
Our clients can rely on us already for 20 years

Our benefits

Tracking without borders

Automatic tracking of the state border's transition, without changing the tracking price.

Information online

Getting information online in the web interface and by email.

No monthly fees

No monthly fees, no setup fees.

The object on the map

Check the location of the wagon or container on the map.

Quick Technical Support

Get answers to any questions as quickly as possible.

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